4. Declutter and Clean

If your space is in danger of being featured on the next episode of the TV show ‘Hoarders’, then it’s probably time to channel your inner Marie Kondo and embark on a good old-fashioned cleaning and decluttering spree! It’s the cheapest and easiest way to refresh any space and is bound to transform the look of your room. Roll-up those sleeves and sort through everything in the space: is the item serving a purpose; does it enhance your mood; does it spark joy? If not, sell, donate or throw out those items.  In this case, less is certainly more!


5. Personalize

If your space still doesn’t feel like home, then it’s time to get personal! Add items into your space that you love and bring you comfort. If curling up with a good book is your idea of heaven, then consider creating a reading nook or dedicated study area. Perhaps you love yoga and meditation; create an area where you can practice daily.  Whatever makes you happy, bring it into your space and personalise your home!