Melbourne Remade Boutique Market

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Saturday 21st February from 10am to 4pm, Collins234 Boutique Place is hosting the Melbourne Remade Boutique Market.  This market will have over 40 unique Market stalls featuring Melbourne made and designed products.  The market will showcase boutique products that are designed using upcycled, recycled, remade or sustainably sourced products.

With a jazz band to entertain you plus delightful food stalls to whet your appetite the market is the perfect destination for your Saturday in the city.  You will be able to browse through three levels of enchanting fashion, homewares, beauty, stationery, art, babies and childrens stalls that await you at Collins234 Boutique Place.

free gift artworkPlus, shop at one of the Collins234 full time retailers on 21st February and you will receive a gift with purchase.* Simply present your receipt to the pop-up concierge on ground floor to receive your gift.

Collins234 will transform into an entertainment hub and boutique market just before the White Night festival starts at 7pm.  So if you want to get into the city early for White Night, come to Collins234 for some pre event entertainment and shopping.

Proudly supported by the Sustainable Living Festival, the Melbourne Remade Boutique  Market will be supporting Cultivating Communities , the not-for-profit organization dedicated to a range of sustainable projects like developing and maintaining community gardens around Melbourne.


*While stocks last.  One per customer.  Customers must spend over $100 at Collins234 on 21st February.  This offer excludes spend with market stall holders. Terms and conditions apply.



trixi simonds eventAs part of the Melbourne Remade Boutique Market – presented by Collins234 Boutique Place –  we welcome Trixi Symonds to Dymocks Melbourne to host a workshop with children and adults! Join us between 11am and 1pm to create a fantastic softie from recycled materials. Bring along a shirt, blankie or other preloved item, if you like – and create a new huggable friend to take home and cuddle! Materials also supplied. Trixi Symonds is the author of Sew Together Grow Together – a wonderful collection of soft fibre toys, huggables, cushions, bags and games.  Bring the family along and grow together while you create!

Time:                     11am-1pm

Cost:                      FREE!

Bookings:            Phone 9660 8500 or email

A Selection of Stall Holders


Issera soy candles smell and look good enough to eat and they area appearing at the Melbourne reMade Market! (please note, we don’t actually recommend chowing down on them). Made from natural soy wax in a range of delicious scents and gorgeous containers. Designed and hand-poured in their Melbourne studio, all candles contain biodegradable ingredients which can be easily removed once the candle is finished so that you are left with the container to reuse and repurpose. The Issera soy candle range is available in mason jars, apothecary jars, tea-lights, melts and the newest and most luxurious product…the Issera Soy Massage Candle. Perfect to spoil yourself or your loved ones, the massage candle creates ambiance with light and fragrance; the simple, sophisticated design fits seamlessly with most décor; and the melted soy wax, shea butter and almond oil blend can be used for a nourishing massage. Come and check out our culinary candle concoctions…you will be deLIGHTed!

Bambala Tea Co

tumblr_nipm0bGkd31tg5wibo1_250 tumblr_nipm0bGkd31tg5wibo2_1280 tumblr_nipm0bGkd31tg5wibo3_1280 tumblr_nipm0bGkd31tg5wibo4_1280 tumblr_nipm0bGkd31tg5wibo6_1280
Bambala Tea Co are setting up shop at the Melbourne reMade Boutique Market.  Creating premium loose leaf teas and herbs that provide relief for ailments including sleep, after dinner digestion, allergies, detox and overall health. The leaves are in their natural state for added heath benefits and to receive the most from the essential oils. The packaging is unlike others on the market, and is soft and striking so as to look more at home on the kitchen bench adding to the decor, rather than tucked away in a drawer or pantry. All blends are certified by a Naturopath and Herbalist. Through their On Mission program, by nourishing yourself, you in turn nourish those less fortunate. 10% of all profits from online sales are directly donated to On Mission to help those in need in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Bali and India.

Adventures in Resin

tumblr_nipltn02wF1tg5wibo1_1280 tumblr_nipltn02wF1tg5wibo2_1280 tumblr_nipltn02wF1tg5wibo3_1280 tumblr_nipltn02wF1tg5wibo4_1280 tumblr_nipltn02wF1tg5wibo5_1280
Adventures in Resin are appearing at the Melbourne reMade Boutique Market! Whether the resin creation is jewellery or decorative home-wares; it is always an adventure getting there. Adventures in Resin loves embedding things into resin art from food, buttons, cotton, Japanese paper to embellishments… in fact they are always looking for new things to try.Based in Melbourne, all Adventures in Resin products are designed, handmade and hand finished by Kerry.

The Naturalist

tumblr_nipljfZ9Fv1tg5wibo1_500 tumblr_nipljfZ9Fv1tg5wibo2_500 tumblr_nipljfZ9Fv1tg5wibo3_1280 tumblr_nipljfZ9Fv1tg5wibo4_1280
The Naturalist is setting up shop at the Melbourne reMade Market! A collection of vintage and objects from the natural world, with a ‘cabinet of curiosities twist. Planted beautiful succulents and cacti in lovely old vintage vessels, from egg cups to tea-pots. Butterflies from our very own Melbourne Zoo, framed with a collage of vintage paper ephemera. Carefully selected vintage paper packs and unique collections housed in vintage tins. Objects from a forgotten time that will satisfy the curious mind.

 bon lux

tumblr_niklqeQNmY1tg5wibo2_1280 tumblr_niklqeQNmY1tg5wibo5_1280 tumblr_niklqeQNmY1tg5wibo1_1280tumblr_niklqeQNmY1tg5wibo3_1280 tumblr_niklqeQNmY1tg5wibo4_1280

bon lux candles are small batch, hand poured soy wax candles made with love in a tiny Melbourne studio. A range of 6 unique candle concepts, each has a hand made perfume, colour and illustrated box to match it’s story.

The candles are as beautiful as an object as they smell! bon lux candles are created by a self taught perfumer, and made completely by hand from a sketch, to the mixing of the perfume, the pouring of the candles, right through to the labelling and boxing of the final candle. bon lux has created 6 boxed votive candles, and a 6 scent tealight sampler set, also boxed.

bon lux candles are made from the finest essential oils and plant based oils, sustainably sourced soy wax (no nasty parrafin, or palm oil!) with 100% cotton wicks, recyclable hand blown glass votives, unbleached kraft boxes and uncoated fully biodegradable paper wraps. all of our packaging can be reused or recycled.
all of our raw materials are sourced locally, and our boxes, labels and wraps are made in Melbourne.


Amindy is a project run by two twenty-something year old girls Amy and Lindy, together on a mission to spread their style for fun and happy home wares across Melbourne and Australia. They design practical, yet refreshing products with a merge of Australian and Scandinavian influences. They are inspired to create those items that they love to have in their own homes, and they want others to show off in theirs! Who says practical has to be plain and boring? These clever gals keep on designing from larger to smaller to use up every bit of plywood and acrylic sheeting that they possibly can.  Amindy works with local suppliers in Geelong to keep their tiny green carbon footprint and will package up your purchase in recycled craft cardboard.

Scrabble Kitty

tumblr_niplcn8lia1tg5wibo1_1280 tumblr_niplcn8lia1tg5wibo3_1280 tumblr_niplcn8lia1tg5wibo6_1280 tumblr_niplcn8lia1tg5wibo7_1280 tumblr_niplcn8lia1tg5wibo8_1280
Scrabble Kitty is appearing at the Melbourne reMade Market! Owned and operated by Michelle, a full time crafty lady. Selling handmade cute and quirky products such as owl plush toys, embroidery hoop wall art, felt accessories and many more crafty things! I specialise in making Pop-culture Owl characters, It’s her own kind of fan art to re-create all her favourite characters in the form of owls!
Lauren & Angie
tumblr_nikl79E9lu1tg5wibo1_1280 tumblr_nikl79E9lu1tg5wibo2_1280 (1) tumblr_nikl79E9lu1tg5wibo2_1280 tumblr_nikl79E9lu1tg5wibo6_1280 tumblr_nikl79E9lu1tg5wibo8_1280
Lauren & Angie designs carefree eco friendly women’s clothing. They are passionate about sustainable fashion and enlightening more people of the benefits of this fantastic movement not only on the environment and people’s lives but also on your own.Every piece is handmade in Geelong using environmentally fabrics and lots of love.

Winkie Vintage

tumblr_nikkjtg1J71tg5wibo1_1280 tumblr_nikkjtg1J71tg5wibo2_1280 tumblr_nikkjtg1J71tg5wibo4_1280 tumblr_nikkjtg1J71tg5wibo5_1280
Winkie Vintage – purveyors of one-of-a-kind Japanese vintage dresses & blouses from the 1950s-1980s, each with their own unique history and rare quality. These Prahran-based upcyclers re-work each frock into a wearable free-sized garment that retains its original fabric, print and individual detailing (buttons, pleats, bows, neck ties and zippers).

Natalie’s Vegan Cupcakes

tumblr_nikjzlz4ww1tg5wibo3_500tumblr_nikjzlz4ww1tg5wibo2_500 tumblr_nikjzlz4ww1tg5wibo1_500
Natalie’s Vegan Cupcakes are a master makers from Melbourne’s artisan bakery scene. Natalie bakes delicious vegan and gluten free cupcakes, with ingredients sourced from local producers. With traditional flavours like vanilla on the same plate as fun flavours like chai red velvet and Turkish delight, you’re sure to find something to suit!


tumblr_nikkrz1G5O1tg5wibo1_1280 tumblr_nikkrz1G5O1tg5wibo2_1280 tumblr_nikkrz1G5O1tg5wibo3_1280 tumblr_nikkrz1G5O1tg5wibo4_1280 tumblr_nikkrz1G5O1tg5wibo5_1280
Belair is a new label made in Melbourne ethically and sustainably.
The label has a retro “vibe” and is very much about bold bright prints in styles that are reminiscent of the bygone eras, particularly that of the 50’s and 60’s.  The current range is inspired by sixties gogo girls and was so named “Grandma was a gogo dancer”. The new range, due to drop late February, has a mid century atomic style going on.

 Radcat Bandit

 Radcat Bandits is a result of an addiction to 80s & 90s fashion! Owner Leonora travels all around Melbourne & Sydney to hand pick the most unique and radical pieces she can find. Stocking all things funky from high waisted denim to reworked band tees, holographic jewellery and lace tees and crops. Her aim is to hear customers say “woah, thats so cool!”.

Gemma Johnson

tumblr_ni7q5gqt4R1tg5wibo1_1280 tumblr_ni7q5gqt4R1tg5wibo2_1280 tumblr_ni7q5gqt4R1tg5wibo4_1280 tumblr_ni7q5gqt4R1tg5wibo6_1280
Gemma Johnson’s work showcases agates, dinosaur bones and precious stones.  Many of her pieces are reworked from old silver jewellery that is melted down.  You can feel OK about grabbing one of her business cards, they are even made from recycled cardboard from the back of notebooks.


tumblr_ni7qyrbEX91tg5wibo1_1280 tumblr_ni7qyrbEX91tg5wibo2_1280 tumblr_ni7qyrbEX91tg5wibo3_1280 tumblr_ni7qyrbEX91tg5wibo4_1280 tumblr_ni7qyrbEX91tg5wibo5_1280
alittlecoy is a Melbourne based label which showcases a range of unique handmade jewellery & accessories, combining a love of craft with fun, individual pieces that remain flirtatiously shy.

Twice Drunk

 tumblr_nf642dboVR1tg5wibo1_1280 tumblr_nf642dboVR1tg5wibo2_1280 tumblr_nf642dboVR1tg5wibo3_1280 tumblr_nf642dboVR1tg5wibo4_1280 tumblr_nf642dboVR1tg5wibo7_1280

Twice Drunk embodies Melbourne based artist Dan Wilson’s passion for turning discarded wine and spirit bottles into glassware, lamps and other stunning pieces.

Each item is as different as the bottles they come from, so slight variations in shape and thickness are normal and to be expected.

This means every glass is unique. Bottles are recycled from the committed drinking efforts of local Melbourne wine lovers and bars.

Renee Waters
tumblr_ni7pv8rzfw1tg5wibo4_1280 tumblr_ni7pv8rzfw1tg5wibo3_1280 tumblr_ni7pv8rzfw1tg5wibo2_400tumblr_ni7pv8rzfw1tg5wibo5_1280 tumblr_ni7pv8rzfw1tg5wibo6_1280
Renee Waters combines gold, silver and colourful porcelain make up this eclectic jewellery range. Renee’s love for the visual arts saw her complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Monash University in Melbourne, majoring in Metals & Jewellery. In 2013 she turned her passion for all things arty and gorgeous into a small business. Her love of colour, visual art and design is evident in these playful and elegant jewellery pieces. All of her pieces are made in her Melbourne studio, it is on a small production scale using locally sourced materials.