How to Nail Metallics

Published 06 September 2017 by Collins234

The key to making such head-turning pieces feel chic and not a costume? Let them do the talking by keeping the rest of your look simple.

Let’s be honest, shimmery fashion can be hard to pull off sometimes without looking like a disco ball. But when gorgeous slip dresses and neat pleated skirts came down the spring runways rendered in sophisticated metallics, we suddenly had the urge to incorporate shine into our everyday dress code.

You’d be forgiven if you haven’t seen this trend sneaking up on you. These tiny metallic gems have been hiding away and you won’t find them in their usual form. While a full head to toe metallic look might be awesome at a cocktail party or on a red carpet, for the races, it’s all about featuring it in your accessories. One or two metallic accessories can add a special look to any outfit with minimal effort and maximum ‘Wow’ factor.

Collins234 loved Mollini for their minimalistic approaches and attention to detail. The Quavermol Rose flats were your perfect escape from the norm. They added just enough quirk to your outfit for those weekends you want to stand out! Which we think, should be every weekend.

To compliment this stand-out look, Indigo’s Canna Cardigan – Old Molly got you there. The patterns and colours on this piece were simply stunning.

Last but not least, the Braun Buffel Ophelia bag completed the look with a touch of shade and simplicity.

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