Lifetime Luxury:
How to choose a timeless
and versatile leather wallet

Published 29 November 2017 by Collins234

Picking out the right wallet is not as simple as it seems. Here are the top tips provided by the Braun Buffel Team in Australia to help you find the perfect wallet:

1. Practicality and functionality is most important

To pick the right wallet for yourself, practicality and functionality of the wallet should be considered. Most of the time, we do not just carry money in our wallets but our credit cards, driver’s licence, ID etc. Therefore, you need is a wallet that can adjust to meet all your needs. Wallets and cardholders come in different shapes and sizes cater to your needs and requirements.

There are a few good questions that you should ask yourself and think about before making a decision.

  • Does the wallet meet your practical needs?
  • Where will you carry it most of the time? in your bag or a pocket?
  • Do you carry cash and coins?
  • How many cards do you wish to fit in your wallet?

By answering these questions, you’ll determine the optimum size and type of wallet that suits you the best.


For Him

In the Braun Buffel men’s collection, there are basic coin wallets, money clip wallets, 8-card wallets, centre flap wallets, zip wallets, long wallets, tri-fold wallets, coin pouches and others.


For Her

For women Braun Buffel offers zip long wallets, three-quarter wallets, three-fold wallets, coin purses and other accessories.


2. Choose the right finishing and colour

Besides practicality and functionality, a wallet is an accessory that needs to work well with your wardrobe.

Leather wallets give a luxurious take on an everyday accessory. Braun Buffel recommends choosing a style and colour that best reflects you. Natural leather comes in several finishes such as full grain, nappa and embossed.

Just like bags and clothes, wallets also come in a large variety of colours. Brightly coloured wallets are easier to find in your bags, and they can add a touch of colour to “lift” your outfit. Neutral colours have the benefit of being more versatile and work with almost anything you wear. Investing in a well-crafted, versatile and timeless wallet ensures that whatever colour and finish you choose you’ll always look your best.

3. Take time to care for leather

Remember to add moisture, to prevent staining and to clean your wallet regularly will ensure it lasts many years, and even a lifetime. 

A good leather product can last you for years or even decades if it’s taken care of with regular cleaning and polishing routine.

Keep these classic and delicate pieces away from sharp objects, extreme temperature, rain and acidic liquid such as perfume in order to avoid unwanted dirt and scratches. However, most dirt marks still can be removed with low-pressure rubbing without removing or damaging the finish of the leather. Most importantly, it is ideal to keep your leather products in specifically designed dustbags or dry/clean places for adequate protection.


The Braun Buffel flagship store at 234 Collins stocks a wide range of leather accessories for all occasions. Visit the online store for more.