All About Nails:
Top 8 Trends of 2018

Published 14 February 2018 by Collins234

The professional team at the brand new Collins Nail Boutique have had a busy start to 2018. They opened their doors just before Christmas with a seriously great deal for loyal customers: 20% off your fifth visit, and a huge 40% off your tenth.

Here are the team’s top nail trends for 2018 so you can make the most of the loyalty deal starting now.

1. Ultra Violet

It is Pantone’s colour of the year, so trying it out on your fingers and toes is a must during 2018. Pantone describes the colour as, “inventive and imaginative…Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking”.  Whether you decide to use it just on its own, or incorporate it into your nail art in more creative ways, Ultra Violet symbolises your ‘unique mark on the world’.


2. SNS French Manicure


Manicures and nail polish can improve the health of your nails with the right products. SNS (Signature Nail Systems) offer more than 300 different colours, each of them applied using a process that applies a nail-strengthening base, followed by powder and then a top coat. The process gives a longer-lasting finish that is good for nails. So, if healthier, more natural nails are on your list for 2018, this is the look for you.


3. Coral for versatility


Bright shades of orange have made a come-back over the past couple of years, and this year’s take on the orange shades is all about coral: a muted but still bold shade that will brighten your day. Coral is a warm, feminine colour, and it goes just as well with bold colours such as turquoise as it does with muted pastels. For this reason it’s a perfect shade that will match what you’re wearing right throughout week, no matter where you are – from the office to the beach.

4. Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve


Celebrating all matters of the heart isn’t just for Valentine’s Day. A reminder of all the things you love, get a little heart-shaped nailwear into your week with endless mix-and-match colours to choose from.


5. Black with a little added fun


Black is still going strong as a way to bring some added drama to your look. This year, we’re spicing it up with some disco glitter for extra shine.

6. Matte Finishes


Mix it up with gloss and matte finishes in the same shade on long, luscious nails. We love this look in dramatic midnight blue, but it can work in almost any colour you choose. With over 300 shades to wade through on our colour wall, you’ll be bound to find the one that speaks to you.

7. French Manicure with a Twist


The professional artists have completely reimagined the French manicure. Collins technicians state that one tip to keep in mind is be sure to coat the base of the nail with a sheer neutral pink and keep the length short and rounded.

8. The Playful Look


Make a personal, playful statement with your nail art. Whether it’s for a special event or just for a bit of fun, add a signature touch to your next manicure that’s as individual as you are.



Collins Nail Boutique is all about inspiration and celebrating both beauty and relaxation. Whether you have a time for a nail sesh in your lunch break, or want to make a day of it with friends, the Boutique’s professional technicians will create a look that’s just right for you. Get one of the best manicures in Melbourne and be treated by the friendliest staff you’ll find in the city.

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