Make Your Day:
5 ways to spoil yourself on your lunch break

Published 10 April 2018 by Collins234

Feeling the winter blues already? Need a refreshing break from the office? Or perhaps you just need a pick-me-up during a busy day in the city? Here are 5 quick, easy ways to escape the rat race and put a little spark into your day.

1. Book in for a treatment

Air-conditioning, the change of seasons, and fatigue are just a few factors that can make our skin dry and dull. A good facial can do wonders to reduce the effect of environmental factors on your skin, and most can be complete within the hour. Take a look at the facials on offer at Skin Deep Beauty Therapy.

You can recharge with an Energising Facial infused with Siberian Ginseng and be back at the office before the lunch rush is over. Online bookings are quick and easy.

2. Pick up a scent

Soothing aromas can have a real impact on our mood. Although the scientific evidence for physiological benefits of aromatherapy may be scant, the mood-lifting benefits are widely known.

These beautiful and luxurious room scents and candles from Daqua are almost other-worldly.

The Oud Rose candle has powdery accents of musk and bergamot, lifted with Turkish rose and lily. Refined with subtle notes of oud and amber, it’s a bold and dreamy fragrance that you can place unlit on your desk while you wait to take it home.

3. Take a reading break

Dymocks at Collins234 has a seriously enormous range of books you can pore over for a quiet lunch break with a difference. Pick up a book and pop yourself in a quiet corner as you escape into another world. From best-sellers through to special interest titles, it’s like being your very own library for an hour or two.

4. A special treat from far away

A sweet treat is one of the simplest ways to feel energised after a busy morning. At Treats From Home you can get something extra special by choosing a morsel from far away places. Who can go past a Tunnock’s caramel wafer? The family-owned and run Tunnock’s confectionery business is a UK favourite. Once you’ve tried them you’ll know why!

5. Brighten up with gemstone bling

As the days get cooler and shorter, and our big, heavy jackets become wardrobe staples again, accessories become the easiest way to freshen up your look. These teardrop earrings from Sophie Catherine Jewellery come in 3 different metals (silver, rose gold and yellow gold), and 19 colours. There’s a combination to suit any outfit, no matter the weather.


For more simple, fun ways to brighten your next shopping trip, visit us at Collins234.