Why Natural Deodorant Is The New Normal

Published 26 April 2018 by Lisa Raciti

In an ideal world, most of us would love nothing more than to be able to switch every product that we use or eat to an all-natural organic option. Unfortunately though, it’s not always practical (or affordable) to make the switch all at once.

A much more achievable goal is to instead gradually switch out the products you use the most; small changes can still make a big impact to your overall health and well-being.  And, if there’s one product that the majority of us use on the daily that should be at the top of that list – it’s deodorant.

Why Go Natural?

Commercial antiperspirants that we’ve all become accustomed to are packed full of aluminium and chemical nasties such as parabens, synthetic perfumes, petrochemicals and more. As they are applied regularly to a very sensitive part of our body (especially for women) it’s important to take note of the possible implications that aluminium and other chemicals can have on our body – both obvious side effects and those that may not be seen until more serious health problems develop down the track.

Our armpits are home to around 20-40 lymph nodes which are responsible for protecting our immune system; consider them the ultimate filter which expels toxins and cools our body. By using antiperspirants that contain aluminium, you are blocking the sweat glands, which in turn, stops the armpit from being able to function in the way it was designed.

Sweat by itself does not smell – it’s the build up of bad bacteria in the pits which causes B.O. Which is why with continued use of aluminium antiperspirants you’ll often see visible signs that something is not quite right in the pits.  Body odour, excessive sweating, rashes, redness, irritation and pimples (which discharge a white powdery substance) are all obvious signs that the sweat glands are blocked – the very things we think we are preventing by using an antiperspirant!

Making The Change To Natural Deodorant

After many years of using commercial antiperspirants and deodorants, it may take your body a little time to adjust to an all-natural deodorant. This is because aluminium blocks your sweat glands to stop you sweating and your body becomes reliant on these chemical nasties, essentially forgetting how to naturally correct any bacterial imbalances on its own.

Once you switch to a natural option and stop clogging up all those underarm glands, some people may find they go through an initial “detox” period, where they sweat or stink more than usual. Not to fear! It’s not that your natural deodorant doesn’t work, it’s simply the body expelling all of those toxins that have been trapped in your armpits all this time!  Can you blame them?!

This detox period can last anywhere from a couple of days, to a couple of weeks, depending on the person and just how blocked those sweat glands are.  Please stick with it though – your body will adjust and be healthier for it!

It’s also important to note that a natural deodorant is not an antiperspirant. Meaning that you may still occasionally sweat when wearing a natural deodorant. However, most people report that they actually sweat less once their body has adjusted.  And remember – sweat is your friend (it shows your body and pits are functioning correctly), but it doesn’t have to stink!

Introducing KIND-LY 100% Natural Deodorant

KIND-LY® was conceived after founder and CEO, Lisa Raciti identified a gap in the Australian market for an all-natural deodorant, that actually worked. The countless women she spoke to all expressed similar views and frustrations: they all knew the dangers posed by aluminium and other chemical nasties in commercial antiperspirants and wanted to switch to a natural option, but just couldn’t find one that worked!

Well, necessity is the mother of invention after all, and after persevering through many sweaty rounds of testing formulas, Lisa knew she’d finally struck a winner after rave reviews from her (willing human) testers.

From active girls and guys, firefighters and tradesmen, to gardeners, breast-feeding mums and gym-junkies, KIND-LY deodorant was put through its paces during summertime in Brisbane, Australia. Through the sweltering heat and humidity, it lasted all day long with not even a whiff of B.O! And so, KIND-LY was born.

KIND-LY is taking natural deodorant mainstream.  No longer just an “alternative” – natural deodorant is the new normal.

Shop KIND-LY 100% Natural Deodorant & The Armpit Detox – www.kind-ly.com.au

Lisa Raciti