Why winter is the perfect time to craft

Published 06 June 2018 by Collins234

Slowing down in the winter months is something we’re all hard-wired to do. As our bodies work harder to keep warm, everything else takes a back seat. But, just because your body wants to take things slower doesn’t mean your creativity has to halt along with it. In fact, winter is a great time for learning new things – particularly the kinds of skills that are perfect for practising within reach of a roaring fire and a piping hot bowl of soup.

Crafty inspiration is on the rise

Being crafty used to be an essential skill in every household. Not so long ago, if you wanted a new pair of woollen socks or a scarf to beat back the winter chill, someone in your immediate circle was likely to make it for you (if you didn’t do it yourself). These days it takes a little more concerted effort to learn even the most basic household survival skills. Thankfully, haberdashery mecca, Morris and Sons is one place that has filled this knowledge gap.

From knitting, crochet, quilting, patchwork right through to embroidery and needlework, all the foundational craft skills are taught at Morris and Sons. With a wide range of classes that will teach you the basics as well as advanced techniques, in just a single winter you’ll be creating masterpieces that are bound to spark envy. The short classes led by accomplished crafters also give you the chance to meet other enthusiastic makers of different skill levels. Once you’ve shared the joy (and frustration) of making something beautiful and unique from scratch, you and your fellow classmates will be an important part of a very special crafting community. You’ll spur each other on, and share plenty of tips along your learning journey.

Embellishments and inspiration

After you’ve mastered the basics, don’t forget to check out the Morris and Sons library of crafting books. It will give you endless inspiration and motivation for your next project. From winter coats for particularly stylish pets, through to bespoke gifts for expecting friends or family members, there’s a pattern or class to turn every idea into reality.

If you already happen to be an accomplished crafter, Morris and Sons has a dizzying selection of yarns, wool, beads, fabrics and buttons. From silk to cashmere, mother of pearl to horn and coconut shell, you’ll find a material to make your next item truly unique and unforgettable.

To find out more about events, new releases and special offers, head to the Morris and Sons Facebook page.