A grey sky survival guide
(in 4 easy steps)

Published 11 July 2018 by Collins234

Dreaming of palm trees and sandy beaches already? Winter may have well and truly arrived in Melbourne, but a few survival items can help you brave the Antarctic breeze we southerners know so well. Fear not, winter can have its perks…as long as you’re prepared.

1. Get happy feet

Forget metaphorical cold feet, it’s the real deal we need to contend with at this time of year. While you’re donning your thermal singlets and raincoats don’t forget to step up the protection for your hard-working toes too. Melbourne’s notoriously sleet-soaked streets require a fair bit of  practicality alongside style, and that’s why we say gumboots aren’t just for kids and farmers.

In fact, if you’ve ever had to navigate a flooded kerb alongside hundreds of other commuters in the rush to the tram, you’ll know that a refined gumboot like this one from Indigo is winter city survival gear at its best.


Or, if you want something a little more eye-catching, these platform pony-hair-leather boots from Mollini will keep your toes high above pesky puddles and frosty pavement.


Our feet may be tucked away virtually 24/7 during the cooler weather, but treating your feet to a warming pedicure can be just like a little summer holiday for your lower extremities. Slip those freshly painted kickers into a pair of these boots with super-warm socks and your feet will think they’re in the Bahamas. (Sort of.)

2. Be fussy with your fibres

You know them when you see them: those fellow city dwellers that don’t seem to be feeling the cold quite the way you are. Chances are, these seasoned southerners are wearing the kinds of materials nature created for precisely this kind of weather. Jumpers like this one from Indigo have got the fibre mix just right.

Indigo Boutique Jumper

Made from both alpaca and sheep’s wool, it gives you the super-insulating benefits of the hollow fibres of alpaca wool alongside the heat regulating qualities of sheep’s wool. The combination makes for a lighter, warmer jumper that’s just about perfect for a southern Australian winter. It also comes as a long cardigan in the same gorgeous colour. See in store for the full range of warming knits and coats.

3. Cook for comfort

The other key to enjoying the shorter days of the year must surely be held by the stomach. That’s why Jamie Oliver’s comfort food bible is perfect for warming up kitchens and bellies alike. It’s a practical guide to relatively fast, easy, but totally delicious winter classics. Less focus on the long, slow oven and more focus on clever twists to winter favourites, from burgers to dumplings and sticky puddings. It may not be the book you’d turn to for a trim winter waistline, but it sure delivers on taste and crowd-pleasing brownie points on a rainy day.

JamieOliver Comfort Food Bible

4. Hit escape

If all else fails and you just need to thaw out properly, pack your bags and head north (where the more sensible people live at this time of year). This leather ‘weekender’ bag from SABA has just the right amount of room to fit everything you need for several warm summer evenings on the north coast. It might be cheating, but a getaway to the sun might be just what the doctor ordered.

SABA Weekender Bag

Want more winter warming clothes and accessories? See all these and more in store at 234 Collins.