Happiness is...
a perfect winter wardrobe

Published 14 March 2019 by Collins234

If Marie Kondo is right, peace and harmony begins at home. And it may even start with your sock drawer. In fact, overhauling your wardrobe could be a small, yet significant step towards the kind of life that fits you a little better.

Being organised requires more than just tidiness, it requires a different mindset, as Kondo’s Spark Joy reminds us. So, as the change of season hits and we start pulling out storage boxes and rummaging through cupboards to prepare for colder weather, we can pause to consider what all this “stuff” really adds to our lives. We have an opportunity to reassess what we want, what we really need, and perhaps to do things a little differently. So, before you hit the stores, consider these tips to a more zen-like, Kondo-esque winter wardrobe.

1. Focus on what you want to keep

It’s wardrobe audit time. That means pulling out all the boots, jackets and accessories that you’ve collected over the years to decide what’s staying for another season. Lay them out on your bed (or wherever you can see them easily). Sort them into categories so you can see what you’re attached to and what still works well for your needs. What did you enjoy wearing? What made you feel comfortable, happy or cosy on cool nights? Which items lasted well and were practical to clean and wear over and over? Remember, we’re focussing here in what you really want to keep, even if it needs a clean, a fix or a size adjustment.

2. Mend and clean it now, before it’s needed

In your ‘must keep’ pile there may be a few pieces that need some TLC. Loose or missing buttons? Zips that are beginning to falter? Jackets or bags that need a professional clean? Autumn is the time to ensure those items get the love they deserve in time for another season of wear. Alterations Now https://collins234.com.au/store/alterations-now/ offer the full range of repair and alteration services, and they are happy to answer your questions about fixing and adjusting almost anything in your cupboard. Breathing new life into items that are worn out or no longer quite fit us saves us time and does a good deed for our environment. After all, each of us is sending around 23kg of clothing to landfill every year… http://www.ragtrader.com.au/news/every-10-minutes-6-tonnes-of-clothing-goes-to-aussie-landfills

3. Shop with joy in mind

New seasons bring a whole new set of creative ideas, but how do you choose what to invest in? When you look at the items you really want to keep for another season, consider what it is about them that makes them special. Is it the fabric choices? Do you have a favourite store you enjoy shopping in?    Know what you like, what works, and shop with clear intent so you don’t end up with items that will simply be discarded next year. Indigo Boutique https://www.instagram.com/indigoboutique

is one such store that stocks items that are genuinely different and inspiring. Its pieces might just fit the bill for something truly joyous to add to your winter wares.

4. Create one special piece just for you

A high-quality scarf or wrap is a piece you’ll use over and over, and they’re not always easy to find on the shelves. Real wool, alpaca and other luxurious yarns are available at Morris & Sons, https://morrisandsons.com.au/ and they’ll even hook you up with the classes and tools to make you a star knitter before you know it. A handmade piece is sure to spark joy for years to come.

For more inspiration on organising your life, your home and your wardrobe, visit the Dymocks store at 234 Collins https://collins234.com.au/store/dymocks/ and the team will help you find just the title you need.