Glowing Autumn Skin

Published 16 April 2019 by Collins234

4 tips to weather the rain, hail and shine

As the seasons change, so does our skin. Here in Australia we know all too well about the risks of sun exposure, so we’re accustomed to slip-slop-slapping before we even walk out the door. However, it can be easy to downplay the specific needs our skin also has when the mercury heads in the opposite direction. In Melbourne, where Autumn temperatures can swing from a single digit to swimming pool weather in the same day, your skin can require a little extra care to adjust to daily extremes. Here are four ways to winter-proof your skin and make sure it’s ready for anything –rain, hail or shine.

1. Layer up with protective oils 

We know that adding an extra layer of clothing close to our skin helps to trap warm air against our bodies, hence the beloved singlet or thermal in winter. The same logic also applies to our skin regarding moisture loss. Natural, revitalising oils such as Argan or Rosehip oil will give your skin a moisture boost in any weather by effectively trapping in moisture. Cold wind and frost can be just as harsh as the sun’s rays in drying our skin and allowing moisture to escape. So, add some drops of your favourite natural oil to your face before you go to bed at night. Mix it with your moisturiser for even coverage, and consider less expensive oils such as sweet almond or jojoba for the rest of your body.

2. Cool it, just a little

Who doesn’t love a steamy bath or an extra hot shower during the chilly Autumn mornings and evenings? When we’re trying to warm up after a day outdoors we can often overdo the heat in our baths and showers. Hot water strips our skin of natural oils, aided often by bubble baths and lathering shampoos or liquid soaps. But, even if you have removed drying soaping agents from your hair and skin care products, hot water alone will do a great job of drying out your skin. So, aim for a warm temperature in your bath of around 40 degrees (or less if you can do it!). A cold bathroom will likely tempt you to run a hotter bath, so make sure the bathroom is warm and cosy before you jump in. Try not to soak too long either — shorter, cooler baths will save your skin as well as well as your electricity bill.

3. Make it herbal, with a blanket

Herbal and green teas are great for our health and do wonders for a quick warm up from the inside out. However, if you find you have more hot drinks in colder weather, keep an eye on your water intake too. Many teas and coffee can have a mild diuretic effect, so you’ll need to counteract this with extra water intake. Author Dan Buettner writes extensively on this issue in his ‘Blue Zone’ eating manuals. He gives a great rundown on the health benefits of herbal teas, which might not only give you beautiful skin, but help you live a longer life! And if it’s warmth you’re seeking, try sipping your green tea with a warm blanket over your knees rather than turning up their air-conditioning. By setting room temperatures lower (18-20 degrees) and focussing on warming yourself from the inside out, your skin (and the rest of your body) will thank you.

4. Consider a moisture-boosting treatment

Removing dead skin with a professional treatment at the beginning of the season can improve the performance of your moisturisers and other skin care products. From  deeper treatments such as microdermabrasion and laser through to professional facials and moisturising masks, refreshing your skin for the cold months ahead is easy with the help of a specialist. Talk to our skin experts at Skin Deep Beauty Therapy or Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic for individual assessments and recommendations today.