Colour It In

Published 11 June 2019 by Collins234

4 Ways to brighten your Winter Wardrobe

Jokes about Melbourne wardrobes can ring brutally true around this time of year. A sea of black and grey fills the city streets, and sometimes we just need a splash of colour to brighten the long, dark days.

Among the favoured colours used by designers worldwide this winter (according to the latest Pantone Fashion Colour Report) include some rich, deep reds, pinks and oranges among softer hues of peach. The latest winter collections from stores such as Saba, Indigo and Mollini are now out, and they’re showing us just how these colours can be embraced in many different ways this winter. 

1. Bold reds and hot pinks

From gorgeous hot pink suits to bold red chinos, these Saba pieces are sure to make a statement on a cold, grey day. You’ll stand out in any street or office foyer with rich tones like these. What’s more, the fabrics are warm and wearable under a winter coat when outdoors, and perfect on their own when you’re inside. And, adding some extra special accessories would ensure any of these pieces could transport you from office meeting to date night in under a minute.


Fuschia Wool Suit SABA

2. Just peachy

For a soft, warm look on a bleak-looking day, this year’s peaches and softer pinks make a playful statement anywhere you go. Indigo’s range of relaxed knits work well with jeans as well as skirts and leggings. And, their luxurious blends of mohair and wool make their winter woolies ever so soft against your skin. 

If you’re a sucker for the luxe feeling of suede, these peach, low-heeled boots from Molini are as cute as can be and can be worn comfortably all day long. They work brilliantly with those staple grey jeans you’ll be wearing as the temperature plummets, or with your favourite winter dress for a night out. 

Plum Boots Heels Mollini


3. Add a little texture and sheen

Bold colours take on a whole new meaning when they’re expressed through different textures and materials. This permanent-pleat skirt is a clever mix of wool, cotton and lurex. Not only does it make a fun statement with runners, you can also dress it right up for a night out. 


4. Small splashes of colour

Just because it’s practical doesn’t mean it has to be dull, nor do you have to dress from head to toe in bright colours. In fact, just adding a small splash of colour to an otherwise darker outfit can be all you need to lift your winter look. These plum-coloured boots from Indigo will have you skipping through puddles in style and can give an all-black outfit a little dash of no-fuss, wearable colour. 

Merry People Gumboots



See the full Saba winter look book here, or step into a Saba, Indigo, Mollini or Sophie Catherine store at 234Collins.


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