Worshipping the Bean

Published 03 July 2019 by Collins234

3 ways to Celebrate World Chocolate Day

A gift from the gods, a currency, and an aphrodisiac — chocolate has been hailed for its almost supernatural qualities for millennia. Chocolate is now the most popular confectionary product in the world, and we collectively chew through some 3 million tons of cocoa beans per year.

It may have taken several thousands of years for chocolate to make its way from the Aztecs to the high streets of Europe, but it is now a firm fixture on our celebratory calendars. You may be accustomed to saying “thanks” or “I love you” with a special box of chocolates at several times of the year, but did you know there’s a day that celebrates our collective love of the bean worldwide?

World Chocolate Day happens on the 7th of July, and here are three chocolatey reasons to celebrate it with the team from Treats From Home:

  1. Nothing says World Chocolate Day like a Fry’s Chocolate Cream bar. Launched in 1866 in England, they’ve been in production for more than 150 years and are the original chocolate bar. No other company brought chocolate to the streets in quite this way. Now owned and produced by Cadbury, Fry’s Chocolate Cream bars have stayed remarkably true to the original recipe and they also happen to be dairy free. Fortunately, you can still get your hands on the world’s oldest chocolate bar right here, or you can pop into the Treats From Home store to see the other flavours on offer, (including classic peppermint).
  2. You know what they say: life is like a box of chocolates. If cheesy Forest Gump quotes aren’t enough of a reason to indulge, remember the fun you had guessing which chocolate contained the filling flavour you really wanted? It’s one of those nostalgic little games that still holds some special kind of magic. So, if you’ve got someone to share a box with, play the guessing game with a Cadbury’s Milk Tray on World Chocolate Day so you can both indulge in your favourite flavours.
  3. Winter just happens to be the season for all things citrus, so we think there’s no better reason to get your hands on a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and share the melt-in-your-mouth segments around.  We know it’s a flavour combination that tends to divide or unite, but if you’re a fan of the choc-orange combo, we say it’s the perfect way to sort your real comrades from the rest.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? If you want more ways to celebrate the World’s most popular sweet, pop into the Treats From Home store and be tempted.

Cadbury Milk Tray Terry's Chocolate OrangeFry's Chocolate Cream