Summer Skin Secrets

Published 21 November 2019 by Collins234

Drinking more water and wearing a good sunscreen are the summer skincare basics we all know. But what else can you do to save your skin as the temperatures rise? It turns out there’s quite a few simple changes you can make to sail through the summer with glowing skin:

Bring out your best

If you change nothing else, invest in the best exfoliant you can afford for summer. Sunscreens and perspiration have a way of trapping unwanted dirt and oil against our skin. This can make it much harder for your moisturisers and serums to soak into hot, dry skin. A high performing exfoliant will be your best friend to quickly restore balance to your skin.

Swimmers, take note

It might be one of the best kinds of exercise you can get, but swimming dries your skin, fast. If you’re inside a chlorinated pool in particular, consider applying a heavy layer of moisturiser to your face and neck about 5 to 10 minutes before you dive in. It might sound like a waste given it’s going to dissolve in the water, but it will provide the extra protection you’ll need, particularly if you’re a regular at the pool. Use a less expensive product than you might usually use on your face, as long as it has a healthy dose of natural oils in the ingredients. Wash your face well afterwards and apply your normal moisturiser (and a face oil if it suits your skin).

Less is more for makeup

Your skin has a difficult job to do over summer. It has to allow evaporation in order to keep you cool. So, let it breathe out a little easier by decreasing the amount of foundation product you wear over the hottest months. Mineral make ups have some advantages, but skipping foundation on hot days, or decreasing the amount you use can help.

Care for your kisser

We often forget about taking special care of the sensitive skin on our lips, but it needs some extra TLC in summer. Add a good lip balm or gloss to your make up and skin care routine if you can, and carry one in your bag to apply as soon as you feel dryness starting. Don’t forget to apply a suitable sunscreen to your lips too. Cracked and burnt lips are hard to repair and can be exceptionally painful!

Seeing spots

Pigmentation can become a big problem in summer, particularly if you’re pregnant or you’re using products containing AHAs. Adjusting some of your products or taking extra precautions during this time can be necessary depending on your skin.

Don’t set and forget

Even the best skincare products will soak in and wear off throughout the day. As things heat up, you’ll sweat a little more and even oils that are applied to your skin in the morning will degrade by lunch time. So, always carry a travel tube of good facial SPF and moisturiser. Applying these things in the morning won’t be enough to protect your skin throughout and entire day. So, set regular reminders in your calendar to reapply your moisturiser and your SPF until it becomes a habit.

Ask the experts for individual tips

Your skin has its own quirks and needs that will differ as you age and go through other life changes. Booking a summer treatment with a beauty therapist you trust and who understands your skin will help provide specific advice for your skin. A small adjustment can make a big difference over the long term.

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