Ring in the Year of the Rat

Published 20 January 2020 by Collins234

Ring in the Year of the Rat

Prosperity, happiness and auspiciousness—this is what Luna New Year celebrations are all about, and they are just around the corner for 2020! Here’s some ways to celebrate:

Giving your own red envelopes

Traditionally, red envelopes are filled with money and given to others (particularly to family members) but you could fill them with anything you please! Goodies from stores like Treats from Home or if your particularly crafty, Morris & Sons offers a range of beautiful beads and charms to make bracelets or other trinkets small enough to fit perfectly into your envelope.

Making dumplings to share

Dymocks bookstore holds a huge range of recipe books that will help you prepare your very own Chinese New Year feast for friends and family. Then, all that’s left to do is string up some lanterns and invite everyone for a special feast at your place.

Wearing red

Stop into any of our fashion stores to pick up an auspiciously coloured outfit to wear throughout the festivities. Or, you could get some glorious bright red nails for the occasion at one of our beauty and nail salons.

Celebrate with Melbourne

This year, two full weeks of Chinese New Year celebrations will be held right across Melbourne. Festivities include plenty of singing and dancing, but you’ll also be able to try Tai-Chi, see Kung-fu masters in action, as well as make your own traditional masks and eat your fill of festival dumplings to send out the old and ring in the new.

Across the city, from Preston Market to Box Hill and Little Bourke St, you’ll find lion dances, stalls, and plenty of traditional foods for feasting in Chinese style. However, perhaps the most famous event of all is the Dragon Awakening Ceremony that takes over the CBD.

If you’re able to find a good vantage spot amid the crowds you’ll be able to watch the 100-metre illuminated dragon as it dances it’s way from the Chinese Museum down the busy laneways and streets. It takes months of practice and around 200 people to give the dragon its wild dance through the city, and it’s a fun, family-friendly event.

 For more gift and festival ideas, stop in and see us throughout the festival at Collins234.