Self Care Package

Published 12 March 2020 by Collins234

Take Care.

Our top four tips for giving yourself a little care package

Stress and uncertainty seems to be the global default at the moment. It’s easy to get caught up in worry on a grand scale, particularly when it seems to be everywhere. That’s why, self care strategies like getting quality sleep, talking to those you trust, and keeping up with a regular practice that helps you feel good, such as yoga, crafting or meditation is key. However, having a little frivolous fun can be therapeutic in its own right too. Here are our top picks for some not-so-serious self care at Collins234:

1. Home deliver a bear hug

If there is a little person who needs a hug (or a special present), jump online to browse the selection of teddy bears, dolls and dollhouses at Dafel Dolls & Bears, or give them a call at 9654 3882 to discuss their wide range. These old fashioned, high quality toys have a long history in Melbourne and are quite unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. The best news is, Dafel Dolls & Bears are currently offering free delivery to your door for all their beautiful toys and future best friends! If a birthday party or other group celebrations have been cancelled, you can send the love through the post. If your young ones ever start to feel lonely, their new cuddle companion is a quick phone call order away.

2. Get mentally prepared for winter

As the nights and mornings become crisp, the reality of darker and colder days ahead means it’s time to start making sure we have our winter wardrobe ready. Luxurious knits like these from Kuna are made in Peru from alpaca fleece and are significantly warmer than wool. Being 100% natural, they are made to last many winters ahead so the investment is well and truly worth it. A classic poncho goes with jeans and boots as well as your favourite winter dress:  The autumn and winter ranges for Indigo and Mollini are also starting to come in, so see their new arrivals in store and online. We love the Frankie sequinned jumper from Indigo for a bit of disco in your day!

Kuna Poncho Fashion Winter

3. Switch off the screens

Put down your smartphone and switch off Netflix to zone out and tune in properly to you for an hour. Colouring is a relaxing activity you can do almost anywhere. So pick up some pens and check out these adult colouring books from Dymocks that come in every different theme you can imagine. From calming mandalas and butterflies to gothic and steampunk designs, there’s a theme for every mood. Some are made to order so pop in store or browse the full collection online.

4. Give your tastebuds a holiday

With all the talk of restricted travel it may be time to find ways to get other places to come to you. Treats From Home can bring some far away tastes to your door for a different kind of adventure. We love Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles and classic favourites Bendick’s Bittermints. The range is huge, so take your time going through their website to find your favourites.

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