Easter From Home,
Treats From Afar

Published 23 March 2020 by Collins234

Making sure no one misses out on Easter.

As we bunker down across the country it can feel like everything is being cancelled. However, with some extra creativity, fun can still be had! With Easter right around the corner, now is the time to plan the biggest, best Easter hunt you can muster, right inside your own lounge room or backyard.

Our picks for delivery of Easter treats that are a little bit special are:

1. The Rolo Easter Egg.

Rolo is an institution for many, and it’s a particular favourite with Brits. Why? First, because it packs way more ‘just-chewy-enough’ caramel into its eggs than your average caramel Easter treat. Second, the perfectly smooth chocolate literally does melt in your mouth. It’s terribly more-ish and 100% decadent, but the Rolo egg is a little bit special without the price tag to match.

2. Hamper it up

If you’re at home with a bigger crowd or just have some serious chocoholics in your life, a hamper with more chocolate than you can poke a Boost bar at, might be a safer option. After all, no one wants to run out of chocolate at a time like this!

3. One for the non-chocolate-eaters

There’s always one isn’t there? That person who says they don’t like chocolate “that much”. Well, the rest of us may not understand, but Easter shouldn’t leave them out. So, our pick for those who prefer a different kind of sweet is the intense fruit flavours of York Fruits. Delectably soft, we admit we would be happy with a delivery of these from the Easter Bunny (or the post).

4. Smarties eat smarties, always

You can’t go past an old favourite, and what kid doesn’t love to sort their smarties, shake their smarties and make a mess with their smarties? A smarties bunny is a sure fire winner with kids everywhere, even if they’re confined to eating it at home. And a pack of smarties eggs will make the Easter hunt complete! Order direct from Treats From Home and see their full Easter range online.