Lounge it up.

Published 08 July 2021 by Collins234

Top Winter buys for comfort-seekers.

With winter in full swing, and our social lives in constant stop-start mode, comfort is top of the list for this season’s must-haves. Two of our resident fashion houses, Saba and Kuna, offer endless ways to dress up even the most basic item in your winter wardrobe. After all, who said comfort can’t be beautiful, stylish and even a little luxurious? 

Here are our top picks for looking your best from sofa to street in these cooler months.

1. Dress it down

Saba’s ‘Blair’ long-sleeved dress is made from 100% cotton jersey and is about as effortless and elegant as dresses can be. Comfortable enough to add warmer layers under or over, we think this little black dress is as perfect for dinner at home as it is for a long night out. Wear it with sneakers or heels—it will take you almost anywhere.

2. Sweats beat the rest

When your sweats are made from baby alpaca and silk they are far from your average leisurewear. Kuna’s ‘redhill’ sweater and ‘rescue’ trackpants are the perfect blend of these luxurious materials, and that’s why we love them. Exceptionally soft, the alpaca and silk blend delivers exceptional warmth without excess weight. This makes them great for wearing under thicker coats and ensures you can skip some of those extra layers that have us constantly peeling off clothing as you move from place to place. The ‘rescue’ sweatpants even have a soft cotton lining to make them perfect for vigorous exercise if you choose to take them there.

Saba’s ‘Cleo’ sweatpants are also a big step towards exercise-ready wear that you’ll never want to take off. The cotton-blend baby blue fabric is made for versatility.


3. Taking it wide

The skinny jean dominated for a long time, but this year’s variety of wide and bootleg jeans gives us all a little more room to move. The range at Saba offers everything from a super-wide leg to short bootcuts that pair easily with any kind of footwear. The ‘cigarette leg’ cut is somewhere in between, just in case you’re looking for an easier transition from your super skinny jeans to a looser fit. Given how long the slim fit has dominated, many of us might just need it.

4. Accessorise with the best

Breathable, durable and luxurious accessories are something our resident Kuna store specialises in. Their range of baby alpaca gloves, hats and over-sized wraps will ensure you’re cosy in every situation. So, even if you’re not ready to invest in a serious alpaca wardrobe, you can still accessorise with the best and know your extremities will thank you for it for years to come. Many accessories are one-size so are perfect for online purchasing if you can’t get into the store. They make beautiful gifts and are light and compact enough to send anywhere in the world.

For all your wardrobe needs, contact our speciality stores directly and they will happily help you find all the warming winter wears to suit your needs.

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