Published 05 August 2021 by Collins234

Start your knitting adventures here!

Can you knit your way to a healthier brain? Make socks as therapy? Recent research suggests the benefits of knitting go well beyond the beautiful creations you make and extend into reducing chronic pain, increasing mindfulness and even staving off the mental decline associated with ageing. Being a knitter is almost a superpower!

Our resident knitting superheroes at Morris & Sons have been supporting and guiding knitters of every kind for many years— and there’s no better time than mid-winter to join them.

As a beginner, knitting can seem like a foreign world with its own language to boot. So, the first step can be just learning the various terms and expressions knitting patterns and teachers use to explain the process. To help you do just that, this beginner’s guide will run you through all the essential tools and skills to make your first knits with ease.

Learn to Kn it

The team at Morris & Sons also run regular beginner courses and one-on-one private lessons to help get you on your way with your first knit. And, they offer some great advice here  on choosing your tools, yarn and suitable projects. Among their expert advice is to consider the benefits of using circular needles like these.

Circular Needle

Or, if that’s a leap too far at this point and you’re keen to stick with straight needles instead, they recommend wood rather than plastic for greater grip for your hands and the yarn, like these.

Starting out with a simple scarf or rug is a great way to get your hands and brain into the knitting swing. And when you’ve mastered the basics, Morris & Sons have a range of downloadable patterns that will help you keep developing your skills (and your wardrobe!). Among the most versatile projects for those looking for the next step in their knitting journey are ‘cowls’. A cowl is a bit like a scarf but can include a hood or extend over the shoulders. If the TV series Outlander, set in the wilds of old Scotland, can’t convince you of their serious warming credentials, take it from us: the cowl is the scarf for every season. Besides that, they are very hard to find in retail stores and often need to be handmade.

These two beautiful cowl patterns show you just how flexible the idea can be— and why you’d rarely put yours away in a cool southern climate like ours.

Honey Cable CowlEnmore Cable


If you’re ready to give your brain and your wardrobe some new superpowers, drop in to Morris & Sons here at Collins234, or purchase everything online for speedy delivery to your door. And don’t forget, the team is always happy to give you advice over the phone if you need it. Happy knitting!

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