Fitting in

Published 21 September 2021 by Collins234

Why good tailoring is a must!

Too often, we search high and low for that perfect jacket or pair of jeans only to find they don’t fit as we’d like. But sometimes it’s only small adjustments that will make the difference. So, if you’ve found that jacket or dress online (or in the back of your wardrobe) only to find it’s not quite right when you put it on, the solution can be as simple as finding a skilled tailoring service to help.

Does your clothing have any of these four malfunctions?

  1. Button bulges: if an ‘X’ appears around any of the buttons of your jacket or shirt, it’s too tight. It should be easy and comfortable to fasten the buttons and the fabric should sit flat when standing. Usually, there is enough material in the seams at the back of jackets to allow the problem to be solved. Blouses and shirts with similar issues of gaping buttonholes usually need a different approach. So, if you find you’re in between sizes when you buy new, or have an older jacket or shirt you’d like to revive, this is a relatively simple fix that can be done without altering the overall style of the piece.

  2. Pocket problems: Visible and bulky pockets ruin the line of your pants and skirts. Certain materials and tighter fits can sometimes mean pockets need to be removed to improve the look of your garment.

  3. Bunching or creasing around zips: The pursuit of the perfect fitting jean can be a thankless task. If you find a pair you love only to perhaps find they fit a little tighter, there’s a solution to that! Creasing around zips and buttons in the crotch area usually means your jeans or pants are too tight across your bottom. And yes, it can usually be solved.

  4. Sweet spot for sleeves: it’s often one of those fit problems that get ignored, but sleeves that are too long or too short are a sure fire way to make your favourite outfit uncomfortable. Sleeves should sit just below the wrist and the right adjustment is super quick to make on many garments.

We each throw an estimated 23 kilograms of textiles into landfill every year in Australia. So if you’re doing a Spring clean of your wardrobe, chances are you’ll find some items that need repair rather than replacement. If you truly love a piece of clothing and it sparks joy, there are many ways to repair and reinvent them instead of throwing them away.

The team at Alterations Now have been reviving treasured items from the backs of wardrobes for years. And, they are also here to rescue online purchases that don’t quite fit you like a glove. Contact them for help creating the perfect fit for your spring and summer wardrobe.