Make it an Andean Summer with Kuna

Published 10 January 2022 by Collins234

It’s finally happening — summer is here and travel is back on for our little southern State.

Grab a few essential summer accessories and hit the road! Here are our top picks from the purveyors of Peruvian summer cool, Kuna:

  1. Just breathe
    Not all hats are created equal. The toquilla straw hat is the result of generations of work by master weavers from Ecuador. The unique forest plant that the hats are woven from supports a strong weaving tradition across several South American countries, and their work is recognised as “intangible cultural patrimony” by UNESCO. When you’re wearing a hat made from toquilla straw, you’re wearing genuine millinery mastery.

  2. Paperweight perfection

    Don’t let the term ‘paper braid’ fool you — these hats are light as a feather but strong enough to withstand many summers of loving. Made using a milling and weaving process now used in many countries from Japan to Peru, the woven paper braid is perfect for extremely warm weather when breathability is key. You will barely notice you’re wearing it even after a full day out and about.

  3. Wrap it up
    Pashminas are a necessity for summer days and nights out. Not only are you wearing a piece of Peruvian artwork in these gorgeous prints, you’re preparing any outfit for cool changes in weather, protecting your shoulders and arms from summer sun without getting too hot, and your Kuna wrap can also turn a simple pair of jeans and t-shirt into something altogether more glamorous. Made with baby alpaca and silk, you’ll wear these exquisite masterpieces all year round.

Kuna sources all its garments and accessories from artisans across Peru. They bring the ancestral textile heritage of this beautiful country to the world. To explore the full range, visit or see the knowledgeable team in-store at 234 Collins St, Melbourne.