Hands up for Love

Published 08 February 2022 by Collins234

Spread the love this February with a Valentine-inspired manicure.

The experts at Collins Nail Boutique are giving away 10 gorgeous manicures* this month and they have plenty of creative ideas for you to explore. We think these Valentine’s shades and designs are a perfect way to spread the love everywhere you go:

  1. French Double Tip
    Nothing beats an elegant twist on an old classic. This traditional French manicure is made just a little bit more special by adding a vibrant red in place of the typical white tip. We love the additional stripe, which can be in a different shade or contrasting colour.

  2. Another French Twist
    If the French double tip doesn’t tempt you, this striking splash of colour might. We adore these bright pinks, but peach, ochre or copper tones are another romance-themed option.

  3. Noughts and Crosses
    Contrasting a bold, rich red with these cute noughts and crosses designs gives a totally different look to your Valentine’s nails. Of course, they work in any colour you can dream up, but high contrast is best for this look.

  4. Rainbow Pride
    There’s a lot to love about these fun rainbow stripes. Not only do they look gorgeous, they remind us that all love is equal and all love should be celebrated with pride. So, what better way to show your true colours this Valentine’s?

  5. You better shape up
    Pick your favourite red and pink hues and get your geometry on for an artsy take on February 14th. Keep it simple with just two colours but let your creativity run wild with your own unique take on shapes and lines.


To create your own nail art, book your appointment with the team at Collins Nail Boutique now.

*Entries close 5pm, Wednesday 16th February 2022. Winners will be contacted Thursday 17th February 2022.