Make a splash

Published 16 February 2022 by Collins234

4 simple ways to care for your skin this Summer.

Sinking into a refreshing pool on a hot day is what we dream about all winter. Swimming has incredible health benefits for both your mind and your body, but it can take a big toll on your skin. Whether you’re swimming in a traditional chlorinated pool, a freshwater river or the ocean, immersing yourself in water strips your skin of natural oils and can make it more prone to dehydration, sun damage and premature ageing.

Here’s how to take a dip in your favourite waterhole this summer and step out glowing:

  1. Natural sunscreen is more than sun protection
    A good, natural oil-based sunscreen will act as a barrier for your skin against the effects of prolonged immersion in water. We know now that chemical sunscreens harm our precious waterways and coral reefs, so opt for a high-quality sunscreen packed with natural oils that nourish your skin before you take a dip. If you’re in an indoor pool it’s even more important to slather your delicate skin in a protective layer as indoor pools can have higher chlorine levels.


  2. Hydrate with the right foods
    The old ‘8 glasses a day’ rule for measuring your required water intake isn’t the full story on hydration. Our bodies may need more or less depending on many factors, including what we eat, how active we are, and of course the weather. However, well-hydrated skin has very little, if anything to do with how much water your drink. In fact, it’s more likely to be linked to what you eat. A diet with appropriate levels of high-quality fats (omega-3 and omega-6) is key to healthy skin. Nuts such as walnuts, seeds and fatty fish, avocados and extra virgin olive oil are just a few of the best sources of these ingredients. Skin Deep offers multiple Hydrating products from Sothys such as the Hydra3 Hydration Cream.

  3. Once-a-month facials
    About every 30 days our new skin cells make their journey to the surface. This is why many beauty therapists will recommend a monthly routine of having a high-quality facial to support this process. Our resident skin gurus at Skin Deep Beauty Therapy have some extra tools in their kit to give your skin a summer hydration boost. As an official Sothys salon, the team at Skin Deep have access to some ingredients that work hardest on reducing premature ageing and strengthening the natural defences of your skin to withstand the demands of a harsh Australian summer. For skin that’s feeling the effects of summer, the Hydra3 Hydration Facial uses hyaluronic acid peptides to saturate and heal thirsty skin. There is also the ultra-relaxing Soothing Facial, which helps to calm, cool and repair skin, even after prolonged sun exposure. Using products best suited to sensitive skin, this facial incorporates products that are all fragrance free and contain powerful healing properties.
    Skin Deep Facials

  4. Wear your mask
    When all else fails and your skin needs an immediate pick-me-up, reach for an overnight mask and climb into bed. These leave-on products are designed to sink deeply into your skin over many hours, and the team at Skin Deep Beauty Therapy put these two masks at the top of their list for thirsty skin. The Sothys Nutri-Soothe mask is a cooling, balmy mask that calms the skin immediately. It can be used over eyes and lips if you’re feeling any irritation or suffer from allergies like hay fever. This is especially made for sensitive skin, but we have yet to meet anyone who didn’t love it.The Sothys Hydra-Smoothing mask is another product that works hard while you rest. A mask packed with hyaluronic acid, its gel-like texture deeply hydrates and pumps the skin. And, the hyaluronic acid helps to boost moisture in the skin to retain hydration for protection during our hottest weeks of the year.