Layering up: your Autumn wardrobe must-haves

Published 15 March 2022 by Collins234

Leaves begin to turn, mornings hint at frost, and the electric atmosphere of autumnal evenings reminds us to stop and enjoy the moment. It’s this little window of grace between intense heat, and the cold, cloudy months ahead when we begin to mine our wardrobes for all the layers that will save us from reaching for that winter coat…yet.

In the spirit of soaking up the inevitably brief transition to winter, here are our top layering picks from the team at SABA:

  1. Shirt-dress for success
    Embracing all the earthy autumn tones, this elegant, flowing cotton-silk dress gives you just the right kind of coverage for those days that have cool mornings and evenings but are still summery in the middle. As midday temperatures decline, the relaxed fit means you can easily pop your favourite warming undergarments on underneath, and then add your trusty tights, boots and jackets when winter sets in.

  2. Maximum style, minimum effort
    These gorgeous maxi skirts in black and cream are an elegant statement piece and pair equally well with light summer tops as with bulkier roll-neck jumpers. Your favourite sandals, sneakers or boots will also make a perfect partner for the versatile cotton fabric, and take you right through the year.

  3. In the trenches
    For an unbeatable wardrobe investment, you can’t go past this classic woollen trench. Offering many years of warmth and style, the long, tailored lines will make anything you wear look glamorous — from jeans and a silk shirt, to heels and your favourite dress. Timeless and comfortable, the trench is definitely your best friend for autumn and early winter as it allows you to layer up with t-shirts through to jumpers as the weather cools.

  4. Cardigans, always
    Nannas have known it for decades — the cardigan could well be autumn’s most important wardrobe item. These waterfall-front cardigans fit well under jackets and allow plenty of space for warm wraps and scarves as winter closes in.

For more, or for a full wardrobe reset, see the SABA team in store or online.