Take a dip

Published 15 November 2022 by Collins234

Get your nails Summer ready

Soaps, cleaning products, dirt and dust from outside work, and even certain beauty products can take a huge toll on our nails. Often, for a range of reasons, our nails need a little pep up, and the team at Collins Nail Boutique have the cure for every nail ill you can think of. Whether you want a natural, every day look, or you’re after something special for an event, the team have a range of different systems you can choose from. One that offers a vast range of colours and textures, is the tried and trusted SNS brand. When applied by professionals, the finished SNS dipping powder is strong, flexible, feels natural, requires no UV light, is hypoallergenic, and protects the real nail.

Here are some of our favourite looks for all your upcoming outdoor events.

Feet first

The SNS range of colours will ensure you can match your toe colour to your dress, hat or shoe colour no matter what. You can opt for a natural look or experiment with their matt-look colours. Book a full spa pedicure for a real feet treat.

Pastels for your pointers

When the sun finally comes out, you’ll be glad you dove hand-first into the SNS range of pastel colours. They can be super subtle or paired with a spike of some brighter shades for a little more drama. We love the gold and fluorescent accents mixed with softer pinks, peaches and citrus hues. The best part of a professional SNS manicure is that your nails will look like you just walked out of the salon for weeks, and the colours are just as easy to remove when you’re ready.

Wax, tint and more

You can also access all the other basic beauty treatments with the Collins Nail Boutique team, including waxing and tinting. For more permanent hair removal, or complex skin and cosmetic treatments, the team at the Victorian Laser and Skin Clinic are your go-to. Offering the full range of services including cosmetic injectables, they have a treatment to address any beauty question you have.

Book your Summer beauty refresh today with our expert team at Collins234!


*Images sourced from SNS Instagram