Build your own festive magic!

Published 02 December 2022 by Collins234

The magic of dough and thread

Ready to make a Christmas treat everyone will love? It’s time to plan, bake and build your very own Christmas crafts with a little help from the teams at Dymocks and Morris & Sons. Here are just three of many beautiful, creative Christmas-y gifts, treats and treasures to bring some extra cheer to yours (and someone else’s) December.

1. Donna Hay Christmas

Looking for a simply glorious collection of Christmas recipes that covers everything from table decorations through to glazed hams? The recently released ‘Donna Hay Christmas’ is for you. Without doubt, it is THE definitive guide to a truly stylish festive event. It offers more than 170 recipes, from creative gift ideas to dazzling desserts that anyone can achieve.

Beauty and simplicity are centre stage in this book, giving you step-by-step instructions for everything from fun and easy gingerbread decorations through to unique festive drinks. As delicious as they are beautiful, every recipe in this book will ensure your Christmas table has more than its fair share of magic.

2. Festive Feet

A handmade, one-of-a-kind Christmas stocking filled with little goodies and sweets is sure to please everyone from Grandma through to your toddler guests. That’s why we love these gorgeous, simple stocking patterns that are available for you to make yourself at Morris & Sons. Perfect for a beginner crafter, you can customise the colours and textures of the yarn to suit your special someone, and you’re creating a gift within a gift that will keep on giving for generations. Best of all, you can fill them year after year with anything you choose.

3. Sweet Treats

We love the huge range of stocking-sized gift ideas at Dymock’s, including these Christmas spatula sets with festive cookie cutters. You can even buy one for yourself to make your own gingerbread treats (see Donna Hay’s chocolate gingerbread recipe for a sure-fire crowd pleaser).

For all your Christmas reading and making needs, see the teams at Dymocks and Morris & Sons at Collins234.